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James Lewin

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About James Lewin

“Wildlife fine art photographer and conservationist, James Lewin, is entirely self-taught and first became interested in photography whilst in Kenya. Alongside his love of photography, James is an ardent conservationist and along with Isabella Garrucho Fine Art we donates 20% of all image sales directly back to the conservation charities in the areas where the images were taken. Protection of the animals he photographs is paramount to James and IGFA.

James Lewin, is entirely self-taught and first became interested in photography whilst in Kenya. He chooses to take black and white photographs using a wide-angled lens and shoots from a low level set against a dramatic background. This approach accentuates the magnitude of his subjects.

James has held his own fundraising events whilst also donating prints to charity auctions. In 2018, at the National History Museum in London, his photograph ‘The Big Friendly Giant’ raised just over £4,000 at auction in aid of The Whitley Fund for Nature.

Several of James’s photographs have been shortlisted for the final round of judging in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and in 2019, his photograph ‘The Baron of Borana’ received an Honorable Mention in The Monochrome Awards. He has won a number of other awards (Outdoor Photographer of the Year, BBC Wildlife and The Neutral Density Awards).

James’s photographs are offered in 3 different printing formats / styles:

Small: Archival Pigment Prints
The most commonly used among professional photographers. Pigment Prints are made by digital inkjet printers, which mix ink to create specific hues. The ink is then applied directly to paper in fine detail.

Medium / Large: Silver Gelatin Prints
The gold standard in black and white printing which surpasses archival pigment prints in longevity, quality and detail.

Premium Limited Edition: Platinum Palladium Prints
These prints are made in a darkroom and were very popular in the late 19th century. It uses platinum palladium as the light-sensitive material and has the very best archival rating of any print over 2,000+ years.”

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