Game Over, Borana, Kenya.

Medium: Pigment/Inkjet
Year: 2020

This unusual frame was captured while my camera was in the possession of an entire lion pride. The young male lion, as seen in the photograph, was extremely keen to investigate the strange object that was my camera sitting on the floor several meters from where the pride were resting. I am quite certain that I will never capture an image like this again, as it was the lion himself who positioned the camera with his mouth. It was nothing short of luck that his eye would be at the minimum focus distance of my 24mm lens; if the eye wasn’t sharp, the image simply wouldn’t work. My trusty Pelican case box protected the camera inside, but to my surprise the teeth of the lion had pierced right through the box as if it was butter. It certainly made me realise that if I had taken this image thought the viewfinder, it would have been game over.


Game Over, Borana, Kenya.
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