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Trimper Gallery

Bringing together Artists, First Time Buyers, Investors, Curators, Interior Designers, Decorators, Architects and Long TIme Admirers of Fine Art.

Trimper Gallery is conveniently located only 30 minutes from New York City in the beautiful town of Greenwich, Connecticut and is a destination for both local and international art lovers alike. We represent a carefully curated portfolio of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and prints by some of the leading established, mid-career, and emerging contemporary artists from around the world.


Art Consulting / Art Advisory

We have extensive experience in working with first-time buyers, established collectors, investors & top Fortune 500 companies from all over the world. As a clients you can choose between  in-gallery, in-home / on site, phone, zoom or email consultations and our process allows us to custom tailor our services to your individual needs. This allows us to work with you an suggest the perfect piece based on your specific needs, style, aesthetic, location and budget.


We are a passionate about framing! We know that the right frame can make all the difference and we want to ensure that your artwork is presented in the best possible way, both aesthetically and from a preservation, conservation, and safety standpoint. We have strategic and well-established partnerships with some of the best framers in Connecticut, New York City, Florida, Massachusetts, Chicago, and Los Angeles along with numerous framers all over Europe.


We offer a full range of domestic and international shipping solutions that can be custom tailored to your specific needs and budget. These include air, sea, courier, and ground transportation all with appropriate insurance coverage. At every step of the way, our team will keep you informed about the status of your shipment and provide updates on its progress.

Additional Services Include:

Professional installation

Art insurance



Artist Studio
Gallery Tours

Art Fair
Museum Tours

Collection management

special events including
art exhibitions

Trimper Gallery is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer service and we make it our goal to ensure that you have a positive experience.

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Ready To Find Your Next Masterpiece?

Resources Include:

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art directly represents over 50 national and international artists and maintains close ties with scores of additional artists as well as galleries and publishers.

We offer a wide range of art styles- contemporary, traditional, Oriental – in any price range and give clients choices from decorative to museum-quality investment art.

Private Commissions:

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art also works with painters, sculptors and weavers to execute specific commissioned art works for lobbies, boardrooms, atriums, and sculpture gardens.

We have years of experience working with:

Private Collectors / Corporate Clients

Corporations, Investment Banks, Foundations and Endowments, International Institutions, Hospitality & Health Care Industry, Non-Profits

Industry Clients:

Architects, Designers, Interior Decorators, Galleries, Art Dealers, Museums

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art offers two option plans for pricing:

I. The company works on a free consultation basis. The client pays only the retail price of the framed artwork. There are no further charges.

II. There is a flat consulting fee, based on the size and the duration of the project. The art consultant’s discount is passed on to the client.

Team Bio

Alex Trimper

Owner & President

Alex Trimper President / Founder was born in Mexico City, lived in Brazil then moved to Westport Connecticut. It was during this time where he was first introduced to the art world by his mother. He regularly attended local gallery openings, museum exhibitions, loved going to Art Expo in NYC and purchased his first painting by Stevan Dohanos at 10 years old which he still owns today.

Alex spent his last two  years of high school at TASIS England and lived with his father in London. It was his father’s passion for history, the ancient world and the trips they took together that reinforced Alex’s love of art throughout human history. 

After graduating, Alex moved back to America, got his bachelor’s in marketing management and business administration and moved back to Connecticut where he opened his first physical gallery space in Greenwich CT called Isabella Garrucho Fine Art / IG Fine Art with his mother.

On January 1st, 2023, the Trimper Gallery officially opened its doors offering clients an ever-evolving selection of artwork from multiple genres, across all mediums, price points and time periods.

Alex has worked his whole life in sales and worked in a variety of very different industries including investment banking, tech, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, event production and telecommunications. With decades of experience under his belt, Alex developed a totally unique multi-dimensional approach to connecting and working with the gallery’s clients.

The launch of the Trimper Gallery marks a major new chapter and turning point in Alex’s life where his lifelong passion for art and his love of sales come together is a space uniquely his own.

My name is Remy Sosa and I am the gallery director here at the Trimper Gallery. As an artist myself, I’ve always loved and respected other artists. I started working with Alex as an intern in 2019 after graduating with my bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. As the gallery director, I am responsible for many of the online and in-person artwork inquiries, logistics and helping Alex curate exhibits at the gallery. With a background and passion in fine art and customer service, I work one on one with designers and private clients to provide them with the information they will need to help them in their decision-making process.


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