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About Raphael Macek

Horses stir passion, inspire respect, and have influenced human history, unlike any other animal. These unique creatures represent strength, pride, and beauty. Raphael Macek explores all of this and more in his work. Through his images, Macek conveys the emotions of a particular moment in time, expertly captured by his camera.

Macek’s love for animals is immediately evident in his work. He says, “A good photograph is more than a beautiful picture; it encompasses a wide range of emotions that tell the entire story of a moment frozen in time.” It is precisely these moments that Raphael Macek captures like none other. Viewers can sense the vital force of a horse by looking at one of his images. The warmth of perfectly balanced light creates shapes and contrast, revealing Macek’s heightened sense of aesthetics and ongoing communication with nature.

This work enables us to understand the harmony and sensitivity that exists between animals and artist.
In watching Macek create one of his photographs, it becomes clear that the process goes beyond simply taking a picture. Instead, it is an interaction characterized by mutual respect and admiration, with the horse as the focal point. Macek’s motto, “interaction without interference,” exemplifies how calmness, dedication, and patience play critical roles in his approach.

As a perfectionist, Macek is highly disciplined and always strives to improve himself on both a personal and professional level. He is known not only as a skilled photographer but also because he is mindful and continuously prepared to return the affection from his many fans. Macek’s talent and professional attitude make him one of the very best contemporary photographers, and his attitude sets him apart.

The results of Macek’s dedication and passion are unmistakable. Following showings in exhibitions and galleries, publishing a coffee-table book was the next logical step. It became apparent at an early stage that this would become far more than a book: this effort will almost certainly result in a masterpiece. Here, Raphael Macek shares the most beautiful and important images that he has created throughout his expansive career. Working closely with different cultures while searching for models has had an impact on his life and style, as well as helped to shift his focus toward the natural world.
In 2007, Macek earned his Master of Fine Arts in New York City. In the years that followed, he published work in Germany, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and the U.S.

Throughout his career, Macek has become known for his unique ability to capture the beauty of animal subjects, conveying their emotions and essence. Horses of different breeds have served as Macek’s models. His work has been recognized worldwide in important art exhibitions, art fairs, private showings, and publications.

Today, Raphael Macek is at home around the world. He is dedicating himself to his projects, such as Equine Beauty. His ongoing mission is to show animals in all their splendor—horses in particular, as they represent his true passion.

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