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About Md Tokon

Tokon’s style has reflected the art of American Abstract Expressionists. Md Tokon spent his early years in Jhenidah and Dhaka. He studied at The Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University,[3] and moved to New York City in 2001. He obtained his B.A. in Art & Communication Design at The City University of New York. Also He practiced many years painting at The Art Students League of New York under Ronnie Landfield, Mariano del Rosario & Larry Poons.

A prolific painter, Md Tokon started to paint when he was very young and continues to produce remarkable paintings in New York City. One can easily detect a mature and skillful painter by the way he/she navigates space and handles the medium. The physicality and immediacy of his paintings are inspired moments of deep reflection; they transport the viewer to a place neither here nor there, a timeless place beyond the horizon.

His paintings are direct; they do not hesitate. The paintings deliver their message reflecting nature, emotion, and passion; with intense aesthetic expression, through surface and color. With each passing year Md Tokon’s work gets better and more precise, exhibiting his increasing sophistication and understanding of contemporary abstraction.

Md Tokon recent abstractions are predicated on color, dark, light and space. The work he produces shares similarities with the lyrics & poetry, which are simple, pure, and organic. The results are highly emotional, energetic & sensational. Md Tokon is in love with color and in love with the cities he grew up in. He learnt the soil layers from his childhood and captured the style. City life, the surrounding atmosphere and social structure have made a great impact on him. Through out the canvas he has been deeply influenced by layer of soil, light, surface, music lyrics, harmony and invention, monochrome and minimalism. He developed significant body of works that were often both poetic and pleasing to the eye while at the same time steeped in his diverse theoretical interests and influenced by his extensive travels. He created an opaque and dense surface of substance and mass. At the same time, the painting seems luminescent as if in building up the surface. He trapped the light within its layers & it’s highly emotional & peaceful.

His works are pure abstract and have a great touch of impressionism. His main focus is to bring to the canvas the expressive colors and melodious area. In his work he apply many layers of paint, using gesture, the breath of emotion, and an internal sense of color. His paintings describe the story of nature, human emotions and it communicates in a mysterious way. Space plays a significant role in his works, sometime interior space, inner space, or landscape. His works are closely connected to dreams and illusions. In his use of color, he has displayed a certain romantic concern for vivacious, lively hues and soulful texture. All his paintings have a significant abstract expression focused on the depiction of emotions rather than objects. His work can be described as “Lyrical & atmospheric abstraction”. Md Tokon’s works also convey an insight into life and a spiritual attachment.

When an artist is truly in touch with himself; he can begin to touch others through his work. With each passing year as life changes with the passage of time; an artist’s work evolves and reflects those changes. It has become clear with the passage of time how Tokon’s work reflects life’s changes; and strike eternal chords; and how powerfully they connect to the viewer.

To witness his painting is to walk into a mindscape full of memories and experiences.

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