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Dylan Martinez

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About Dylan Martinez

Dylan’s artistic endeavors consistently delve into the intricate realms of human perception. His creations disrupt conventional expectations, skillfully manipulating light, space, and the optical nuances of glass. While deeply rooted in traditional glass-making techniques, Dylan is ceaselessly committed to unearthing innovative approaches to harness the full potential of the medium.
Notably, his hyper-realistic water bag sculptures defy the viewer’s expectations, ingeniously playing with the boundaries between glass objects and seemingly mundane plastic bags filled with water. In his latest series, Dylan embarks on a journey into pop art, marking a departure from his previous palette. For the first time in several years, color becomes a protagonist in his artistic narrative.
The series introduces solid sculpted Pac-Man inspired ghosts and hyper-realistic water balloons.
These creations, with their beguilingly simplistic design, draw the viewer in through their ethereal luminosity. Dylan’s exploration of pop art not only expands the visual spectrum of his work but also invites a fresh perspective on the intersection of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics.


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