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About Demit Omphroy

I’d describe my work as playful, expressive, and simplistic, yet loaded with emotion. I try to evoke feeling from my color palette but have a simplified way of depicting figures that represent experiences in my life. A lot of the times my work is impulsive and unplanned, which has become a really intentional way of creating what I’m feeling in the exact moment. My mantra as an artist is that “finding our own voice requires unlearning things we were taught in school and re-learning how to think like kids again.”
My playful, expressive style was born from me trying to re-learn how to think like I did back when I was four years old – back to my purest mind state of creativity.

My biggest influences in the art world come from Basquiat, Picasso, Matisse, Egon Schiele – to name a few. Over the years of studying art history, I feel like I’ve retained little moments of inspiration from their work, which have helped me to find my own voice and style. Ultimately, my biggest influence comes from love and family. I’m constantly trying to work on myself and grow – so the feelings and emotions I’m experiencing inspire the work that comes out onto my canvas.

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