Black Swan: The Devastation and Beauty

Black Swan: The Devastation and Beauty
The Black Swan Theory is one that refers to a seemingly unpredictable event— one with widespread and unexpected ramifications. It was given its name in a time when the black-feathered bird was thought to only exist in stories. Its discovery in the real world was a surprise to all.

It is safe to say that we are currently in the midst of a Black Swan Event.

When I was finishing The Animal Kingdom, I felt that it was important to include a Black Swan because of this symbolism.  As an artist, I never hoped my work would foreshadow a difficult time, but there is still beauty to be found in it.

Though there is much fear and uncertainty right now, my hope for everyone is that we may also see the beauty.

Events like these shake our foundation and cause us to look inward, to extend our hearts outward, to reflect on what we do have with more gratitude than we knew possible.

Soon enough the black swan will fly away quietly and, hopefully, we will be left having learned from it.

Stay safe and healthy, and remember that we are truly all in this together.

Randal Ford
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Jonathan Rachman Design, Photography by Suzanna Scott

Black Swan No. 1 available in the following limited editions:

Small 30×37.5 (Edition of 15) – 6 available – $3500
Standard 40×50 (Edition of 10) –  3 available – $4200
Large 48×60 (Edition of 5) – 1 available – $5800


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