The Bunny In The Window

Medium: Silver Gelatin Print
Year: 2021
Edition Size: 3

There is no price to being free, only the effort each day to remind yourself of what you have and who you are. With social media it’s easy to be competitive about who gets more likes, who has more followers, why is this person doing better than me? But art is not a competition, and tearing down one artist will never lift you up. From the day I started, I have always tried to help people who had less or knew less than I did. I understand that hate is part of life and it’s going to happen no matter what, but if you are an artist, photographer, painter, etc. no matter what you do someone else’s success is not your failure. Someone doing well does not mean you are doing poorly. Try to set yourself free from the competition of it all and see how much more you will enjoy making things. This is my new work The Bunny in the Window, taken on one of my old film cameras.



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The Bunny In The Window
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