Girl in the Pond

Medium: Chromogenic Print on Kodak Endura Luster Paper
Year: ca. 2016
Edition Size: 3

The day was warm we hiked for over a mile to get here, the water was dark and could have been filed with god knows what, I had 2 cameras with me I elected for the Pentax 67, there were 3 frames left of film, (it’s hard to change film in a swamp so you want to get it while you can) at any moment a creature could have come up in the water and ended the shot, but patience was required, in my mind I thought I want her attitude, before I could speak a word she looked at the person standing behind me smirked and gave this pose a perfect pose I quickly fired off my 3 frames praying nothing was wrong with the film, no jams no light leaks, because it felt special from the moment I took it. Girl in the pond.


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Girl in the Pond
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