Lady and The Lion

Medium: Silver Gelatin
Year: 2019
Edition Size: 3

"Magic can only happen if you let it, this photo I had not planned but while we were shooting I said to Allie Marie Evans what if we sat you in the chair and had the lion walk around you. It came to me in the moment, luckily I happened to have the perfect chair for the photo already on stand by, the hard part was for her to remain so calm as again there was no cage for her, nothing between her and lion, and I was on a very slow camera so we really had to take our time with this, no rapid fire, when I got the photos back, I showed this one to a friend of mine and she cried, she said it was the most impossible photo she had even seen, I didn’t understand what she meant because I had taken it. Often times we stop of selves from doing what’s hard and we write it off as impossible, nothing is impossible, but this was one of the more difficult photos I have ever taken. " - Tyler Shields



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Lady and The Lion
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