High Park Bull

Year: 2021

Whoa, Bull. In my years of photographing wild animals, I’ve learned to make quite a few noises to command their attention—but Murphy’s reaction stopped me in my tracks. Prior to this shoot, I have often used a bull call to direct various steers and heifers, but it’s not your average “moo” sound. Think a deep tone with intimidating force and aggressive punctuation—no cuteness here. If there is one thing I’ve learned though, it’s that a bull is not a cow and must be treated as such. Unlike cows, bulls are domineering, testosterone-driven, and ruthlessly competitive. Their aggression is a survival switch that can flip swiftly, come without warning, and offers no apologies or second chances. When I came face to face with Murphy’s lethal horns, I knew I needed to get his attention and instinctively resorted to the familiar sound I’d used many times before. As soon as it left my mouth, Murphy’s ears shot forward as his eyes darted dead center on me and my lens. I quickly shot a few frames, before his massive head dropped toward the ground, eyes still on me, as he violently shook with an intimidating message. The wrangler I was working with swiftly stepped in to say, “Don’t make that sound unless you want to get killed!” Message received. Though I walked away unscathed, I immediately knew this image would be a testament to the ferocity and dominance of not just Murphy, but all bulls.



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High Park Bull
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