DVP – 401


Since its inception, Lusztyk’s Interchanges project has taken the artist all over the world in search of a very particular subject: the architectural necessity of city sprawl that takes shape in the web-like intersections of the highway interchange. Lusztyk’s aerial views and uncanny angles transform otherwise functional, banal constructions into photographic spaces for aesthetic meditation: long, linear shadows present a doubling of sensual, concrete curvatures; the static symmetry of the structure poetically contrasts its witness to perpetual movement; conspicuous green space is carved out in perfect geometry, so that the organic and the inanimate mathematically coexist. For Lusztyk, these images reveal with new perspective a ubiquitous presence that nonetheless remains largely invisible. His vision of capturing the satisfying beauty of highways infuses the familiar with something new; it is the everyday at a remove, one that allows a privileged glimpse of the veins and arteries of both cities and the sinews that connect them.

DVP - 401
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