96″ x 42″
243.84 x 106.68 cm

Size: 96" x 42" in. (243.84 x 106.68 cm)
Medium: Graphite on Paper
Year: 2015

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Sutra, a Sanskrit word meaning “thread”, is a word or small group of words that summarize an entire complex web of ideas, truths, wisdoms, or teachings all woven together into a single phrase. When repeated to oneself a sutra is said to unfold its meaning to the speaker over time. I like to think of the works in this series as sutras, where the human figure replaces words. In a single moment our bodies can express what a thousand words cannot. They can express profound truths about our emotions and desires that the conscious mind may not even be able to fathom, but that our hearts understand in an instant. In this way these figurative works each tell a story embedded with learnings from the path of self-enquiry.

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