XXXV 4 // XXXV PNG Lowlands

Year: 2017

XXXV 4, Iatmul, Yentchen Village, Sepik River, Papua, New Guinea 2017 More than 300 languages are spoken among the various communities a long the Sepik River. Their different heritage, rituals and historical backgrounds distinguish these groups, but one factor connects them all: their life revolves around the river. Living in the village is much better than living in town – I can hear my own emotions here. The women catch fish and make sago while the men paddle dugout canoes filled with goods to trade with neighbouring villages. This area of Papua New Guinea is one of the least affected by outside influences. A round 430,000 people live here, relying on whatever the river and the forest provides.


XXXV 4 // XXXV PNG Lowlands
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