XXI 478 // XXI Vanuatu

Year: 2014

XXI 478 - Ni Yakal Villagers, Yakel, Tanna Island - Vanuatu Islands, 2014 Settlement on the 85 Vanuatu islands dates back to around 500 BC. There is evidence that Melanesian navigators from Papua New Guinea were the first to colonise Vanuatu. Over centuries, other migrations followed. Nowadays, all the inhabited islands have their own languages, customs and traditions. “A girl is like a branch of nettle tree – whatever ground you plant it in, it will grow” Many Vanuatu believe that wealth can be obtained through ceremonies. Dance is an important part of their culture; many villages have dancing grounds called Nasara. A significant traditional event is the Toka festival on Tanna Island, a symbol of alliance and friendship between different indigenous groups.


XXI 478 // XXI Vanuatu
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