XVII 220 // XVII Samburu, Kenya

Year: 2010

XVII 220 - Lelesas, Louelen, Lewangu, Lepokodou, Loingu, Nyerere - Ndoto Mountain Range - Kenya, 2010 The Samburu live in northern Kenya, where the Ndoto mountains give way towards the Chalbi desert. As cattle-herding Nilotes, the Samburu reached Kenya some five hundred years ago, moving southwards along the plains of the Rift Valley in a rapid advance. “A deaf ear meets with death, a listening ear with blessings” The Samburu have to relocate every 5 to 6 weeks to ensure their cattle can feed themselves. They are independent and egalitarian people. Their society has depended on cattle and warfare for so long that they find it hard to change to a more sedentary lifestyle


I 106 // Chukotka, Russia

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XVII 220 // XVII Samburu, Kenya
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