VIII 450 // VIII Maasai

Year: 2010

VIII 450 - Ladaru, Lenaitu, Lengaa, Saitoti - Tarangiri, Rift Escarpment - Tanzania, 2010 When the Maasai migrated from the Sudan in the 15th century, they attacked the indigenous groups they met along the way and raided cattle. By the end of their journey, they had taken over almost all of the land in the Rift Valley. “Lions can run faster than us, but we can run farther” The Maasai’s entire way of life has historically depended on their cattle, following patterns of rainfall over vast land in search of food and water. Nowadays, it is common to see young Maasai men and women in cities selling not just goats and cows, but also beads, mobile phones, charcoal and grain.



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VIII 450 // VIII Maasai
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