Lunar Flat One

Medium: Archival Pigment Canson Platine Print
Year: 2021

Unrelenting winds and formidable waves contour this volcanic silvery-white landscape into luminous, lunar-like surfaces. Sharp cliffs, caves and valleys, occupants on alien terrain—I find myself enraptured and mesmerized.  Sarakiniko feels like a notable nexus, a collective liminal ground of enchantment and study on the island of Milos in the Aegean Sea. Among a diversity of visitors immersed in mutual awe, I momentarily disentangle from life’s customary bustle. Each explorer’s ephemeral approach summarily comprises the endless dream-like dynamism experienced here. As a former aspiring astronomer captivated by the cosmos, this majestic, natural place rekindled fond moments of wonder and discovery.

Lunar Flat One
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