Medium: Archival Pigment Canson Platine Print
Year: 2015

This photograph belongs to the series "Conversations." Evoking Dutch still-life as inspiration, these beautiful, contemporary tabletops contemplate technology's implications upon human interaction and memory. Shared meals with friends and family throughout Europe and America celebrate intimacy and culture in today’s frenetic, always-connected lifestyle. During my frequent trips to Greece, I've enjoyed visiting family on both parental sides. In addition to the ongoing journey to remain connected with my kin, I also make efforts to see my parents' trusted long-term friends. "Camaraderie" took place in 2015 at a reunion of sorts, where three of my mother's high-school friends gathered in one of their homes to host me for dinner. Unabashed and wholesome catching-up and laughter ensued. This is how Greeks live! Christos is a 1st-gen Greek-American fine-artist whose photographs probe themes of socioeconomics, culture, history, and architecture. As strong symbolic sparks in a frenetic 21st-century tangle, his creative intrigue is informed by identity, connection, nostalgia, and isolation.



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