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Jeffrey Czum

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About Jeffrey Czum

A photographer at heart, Jeffrey Czum is continuously re-envisioning the world around him. Located in Buffalo, NY, where he was born and raised, he often finds a muse in the rust-belt city he calls home. Capturing everyday objects and transforming them into what he deems “clean collages” gives his audience a new perspective and a glimpse into the unpredictable. His work features a range of landscapes and monuments from around globe, frequently influenced by various cinematic styles and incorporating pop culture references. Starting with a subject in mind, Jeffrey maps out his shot list with special attention to the angles he plans on photographing, making it easier for him to digitally recreate the image. An empty blue sky, a building, a layer of grass, a window – each frame is integral to creating an end result that is free from distraction and represents the feeling of minimal surrealism.


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Jeffrey Czum - Chateau
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